Wall of Fame

Philippa & Les Bell, 70% games, Jan & Feb

Lisa Lampen & Carolyn Coffin, 70% game,  Jan


Dennis & Bob  for 70% game at jPad on 10/30/17

Paul & Linda Lee 80% game at jPad on 10/26/17

2017 Regional Winners:

Sunday Swiss:

Bracket 2 – John Welte, Jill Padua, Dian Barker and Jay Shah
Bracket 5 – Murph Solari, Kathy Essma, Mary Ann Shepard and Gary Moll
Bracket 6 – Philippa & Les Bell, Jane Miller and Dennis Whitmore

Lottery Ticket Winner:

Congratulations to Joan Ziskind for winning $100 ticket.

199er Cash Series Winners:

2017 Big Games (70% plus) at jPad:

Date        Pair

April 6    Kathy Rather/Marilyn Bolz
April 6    Kathy Hartenberger/Linda McHoney
TBU        Diane & Ken Deutch
TBU        Dale & Debbie Liefer
TBU        Lisa Lampen/Charlotte Lehmann
TBU        Kae Williams/Jay Shah

Trophy Winners:
Following jPad’s Patrons have won trophies during 2017 at various tournaments. Click on the name for the photo (if available).

KC Spring Nationals:
Hedy Glover/Joan Marshall and Diane & Ken Deutch.

Spring 299er Tournament:
John Belfi/Dave Peterson and Bob Tucker/Gerry Greiman