The Diamond Card is still available! Get it and save 2$ on all games at J’s Bridge Pad for 1 year.

Have you purchased your Diamond Card and begun enjoying your $2 discount for regular games at J’s Bridge Pad?  They have been flying off the shelf, but don’t worry you can still purchase the Diamond Card and enjoy some serious savings in 2019.  I hear some of you wondering out loud, “What is this Diamond Card that everyone is constantly talking about?”I am glad you asked!  It is a discount card that saves you $2 a game at every game you play at J’s Bridge Pad in 2019. Remember, a regular game fee for a game at J’s Bridge Pad in 2019 will be $11. Special games will be an extra dollar or two depending on the type of game. The cost of the Diamond Card is $30 and is good for one year from the date of purchase. Thus, if you play at least 15 games in 2019 at J’s Bridge Pad, your Diamond Card pays for itself and you can enjoy $2 discount for the rest of the games you play at J’s Bridge Pad in 2019.


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