J’s Bridge Pad is located at:

15817 Manchester Road
Ellisville, MO 63011

We are a block east of Clarkson Road on the North side of Manchester Road in the Apple Tree Square Mall.

J’s Bridge Pad is in the heart of West County and as you can see below, it is centrally located to everywhere!


Below is a current photo of the front of our new space:

As you may have noticed, we have not yet replaced the “PC Warehouse” sign above J’s Bridge Pad, but we are working in it and are looking to get a new sign soon. Don’t let it confuse you; there is no computer or pc stuff going on the first floor of 15817 Manchester Road, just lots of bridge-related fun!  Just look for the J’s Bridge Pad sign on the door and come on in.

Below is the front entrance to J’s Bridge Pad. While driving on Manchester Road, look for the Apple Tree Square Mall sign, turn in, and head to the backlot and prepare for some bridge playing fun!  See below for how to get to the backlot.

One quick but important reminder about parking, please remember that we are required to park in the back lot. Remember that there is a back door to J’s Bridge Pad, and you may enter and exit from it (see photo below). There is a J’s Bridge Pad sign on the back door to help you spot it. During severe weather, you may park in front but please don’t park in the storefront row. Those folks needing assistance may park in the front at any time. It goes without saying that if you use handicapped spots, you should have the handicap permit.

Below is a picture of our back door, please watch your step going in and out.

Here is how you get to the back lot from Manchester Rd: