Modern Bidding System Classes

Our Modern Bidding System Classes have started on Wednesdays at 7 PM. We had a very good turn out of 3 tables for the first class on Oct 16th. We have still space for four more, comeon down. See the schedule below.

The first hour of the class will be the topic of the day lesson, followed by an hour of practice hands related to the topic of the day. For details, you can click the Flyer.

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Special Topic Classes Series

We schedule special topic classes several times a year. We plan to start a new series in month or so. Be on a lookout for the schedule and topics. We will pick 4 or 5 topics from the following list:

  1. Basic Forcing Bids.
  2. How interpreting bidding can help your play of the hands and defense.
  3. How to handle interfering bids Part 1
  4. How to handle interfering bids Part 2
  5. Cappelletti over 1NT opening
  6. Basic Forcing Bids
  7. New Minor forcing
  8. Inverted Minor
  9. Jacoby 2N, Major opening
  10. Leads
  11. DBL or not to Double

For more details, you can click on Flyer.

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Magnetic Name Badges for only $5

You probably have seen people wearing name badges out and about on the bridge circuit.

Now you can get your own J’s Bridge pad badge! I am offering a new promotion where you can get a badge with a magnet for only $5. You can see what they will look like below. As you can see, I have added J’s Bridge Pad to the badge. I am hoping that this might help get the word out about J’s Bridge Pad.  Please note, you still can order them without J’s Bridge Pad in the third line for $7

In the past, we had been ordering these through Phyllis Segal and we will still be ordering these through Phyllis and the color combinations available are still the same as before. To order, you can fill out the order form at J’s Bridge Pad or drop me a line.

Proudly represent J’s Bridge Pad and save 2 bucks at the same time!

Proudly represent J’s Bridge Pad and save 2 bucks at the same time!

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Fall Break for Seniors at Trout Lodge

We at J’s Bridge Pad hope that you enjoyed our latest fun-filled bridge break!

At this, like our all other bridge breaks in Potosi, there were bridge classes for beginners and intermediate players alike, as well as sanctioned and non-sanctioned bridge games. In addition to all the bridge activities, there were many other non-bridge activities available for the players and their families! Players enjoyed other activities such as zip-lining, trail walking, a great magician’s performance from the “Amazing J”, ice cream socials and a lot of great food! In Picture below, Peg Nugent(left) & Philip Salavti(right) are getting ready to start their Moonlight zipline while the Hummingbird(middle) is waiting for the bridge game to start!

Do not miss out on all this fun at our Spring 2020 bridge break. As soon as dates are available, we will let you know.

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Game Schdeule

List of Special games at jPad in October:




For a list of 2019 special games click on Schedule.

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Wall of Famers

Below are the pictures of the recent 70% gamers, trophy winners and monthly attendance prize winners. For the past Wall of Famers, you can click on Famers

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Did you know you can get the Diamond Card any time of the year?

The Diamond card is good for 365 from the date of purchase. Please get one and start saving $2 on every game you play in the next 12 months!

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My First Blog

I’m Jay, the owner of J’s Bridge Pad. You may be asking what J’s Bridge Pad is, and that would be a good question. We do a lot, so what we do is hard to define. Our motto at J’s Bridge Pad is “All Things Bridge!” We have been open for over two years; it has been quite a wild ride. Some say that J’s Bridge Pad is the premier destination to play bridge in St. Louis. OK, it’s mostly me saying this. But if you stop by, I think you will agree that this is not too much of an exaggeration. In addition to playing duplicate sanctioned bridge, hosting social and private bridge groups, we also have mentor games, lessons, and group classes with experienced bridge teachers.

We are also part of the common games system, which allows you to compare your game performance with over 300 clubs worldwide. At J’s Bridge Pad we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of bridge technology. Our color touch screen scoring system, using Kindle tablets, has been an overwhelming success. They are very easy to use, if you don’t believe me, just ask someone! We have provided computer program Bridge Baron to 100+ players in St. Louis metro area at a 40% discount. This software is one of the best bridge learning tools I have found.

We are located in the heart of West County at Clarkson and Manchester Road, just a hop, skip and a throw from Highway 40. (Check under directions on the website, btw there are stairs, as well as an elevator to access our space). So come by and check out the vibrant, yet cozy confines of J’s Bridge Pad. It appears that this blog post has morphed into a commercial for J’s Bridge Pad, sorry about that. I’ll try to make sure that it does not happen again. Actually, if you have any ideas for our next blog post, please send them to me. Happy bridge playing!

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