Monthly Attendance Giveaway

April attendance prize winner is Hedy Glover! She won an officially licensed copy of Bridge Baron 27, in my opinion, the best bridge learning and playing software tool around.

Congrats Hedy!
You may be asking yourself ” How can I win some of these fabulous prizes?” The simple answer is that it is not hard at all! When you attend a game or a class at J’s Bridge Pad, just put your name on the piece of paper that is provided and put it in the “May Flower” Purple Pumpkin and you are entered. It’s that easy! There is no limit as to how many times you can enter. The more you play and learn, the greater your chances of getting your hands on some wonderful prizes throughout 2019. Good luck and happy playing!

May’s attendance prize will be cash. How much cash do you ask? That is the surprise part!  There will be a base gift of 25$. Guaranteed.  Plus, $.10, will be added to the $25 for each entry submitted.  We have been averaging around 150 entries each month. So, for example, if we got 150 entries in May, the winner would get $40. $15(150 times $.10) + $25 base = 40.  No need to worry about the math, just keep putting your name on the provided piece of paper into the “May Flower” purple Pumpkin and watch the prize grow!

Past Prizes:

Bridge Baron 27
Bridge book “25 Steps to learning 2/1” by Paul Thurston.
HP 3637 Printer
$25 gift card to Boardwalk Pizza
Kindle Fires Tablets


For past winners click on Wall of Fame

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