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Welcome to J’s Bridge Pad.

Beginners’ Bridge 3 session classes start on December 3rd. Click on the image above for details.

J’s Bridge Pad has been diligently working to provide you with a user-friendly environment for bridge learning experience. We think we have found that in Shark Bridge. We have the following to offer for your bridge education.

Basic Plus series – Coming Soon

Basic plus series includes a wide variety of topics suitable for beginners and intermediate players alike. For the list of topics and schedule click on Topic. For other details of classes such as fee, click on Basic+

Mentor Sessions – Wedensday at 7 PM

While it’s nice to practice with your partner, it’s not necessary that you have one for these Mentor sessions.  We will assign you a partner.  The session is on the Shark Bridge, and approximately 90 minutes long. We have a mini-lesson at the beginning of a session, followed by practice hands. We discuss each hand played, from the aspects of bidding, the play of the hand, and defense. Pay your session fee and Email me your reservation at least a day before the session. I will send you the link for the session by the session day.  For the fee, and  other details click on Mentor

Modern Conventions Series – Coming Soon. 

A great opportunity for beginner/Intermediate players with a basic bridge knowledge or a social bridge player who would like to learn the modern bridge conventions and improve their game or could be a refresher of the modern bidding system. These are stand-alone classes so you can attend any or all of the classes. Watch this space for the date of the next one starting in a few weeks. Click on Modern for the details.

Due to Coronavirus COVID-19 Emergency, all Classes, Games, and Social Groups are Cancelled at J’s Bridge Pad effective March 16, 2 PM. 

In light of the 2nd surge of COVID-19 cases in most of the parts of the US since the reopening, for the safety of our members – the community most at risk for COVID-19,  jPad will remain closed. We will revisit this at the end of November

Maybe someday J’s bridge Pad can hold a group as big as the one in the photo below!


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